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Elsie, Contessa, Ricky & Lucy
Elsie, Contessa, Ricky & Lucy

It all began over seventeen years ago, on a cloudy and dark day with an ad in the local newspaper “Jack Russell Terriers For Sale”…. What followed is a wonderful story

LUCY was the first Jack Russell Terrier that we ever had. We have never regretted the day she came into our lives. She was the start of what we now call “ALAMO JACKS”. It was not long before we soon found a need to obtain Contessa aka Tess and Roxy from a long time friend. Each of our girl jacks has a personality of her own, with a common bond of a devoted and loving companion. We have done everything with our Jacks from agility training to road trips and as they have gotten older great afternoon naps.  They have learned to adjust to whatever we are doing or where ever we end up staying. All our Jacks love to go to the barn in the morning to have a morning run and check out any changes in the horse stables. Our Jacks have one obsession and that is to retrieve their ball, they have trained all of us very well in the art of how to throw the ball.

It was not long before we realized that we could not find a suitable mate for Contessa and Roxy, but as luck would have it and faith being what it is…… the breeder of LUCY, Mary Gomez of West Point, CA sent us a photo of a male puppy. Yes you guessed it we got RICKY, and now we had all the necessary Jacks to breed some wonderful little Jacks. Our history of breeding our Jacks has brought over 78 beautiful puppies. Tess’s first litter of 2004 puppies, were all placed in loving homes. We take great pride in placing our little jacks into loving homes and have made some wonderful lasting friendships though our jacks. We felt that it was time that TESS retire from motherhood, our decision not hers.  TESS still will mother’s everything from a puppy to a baby goat. Not long after ELSIE joined the group, imported from Oklahoma (long story ask us when you see us) and has become a welcomed member to our extended family.

Almost forgot to mention that LUCY, TESS, ROXY, RICKY and ELSIE have all gone to puppy school and have graduated with honors. In fact Laura’s Dog Training of Livermore has had four plus generations of our Jacks, and we might add they were the stars of the class. All education is important, and that has made our good puppies into great dogs.

We are proud to present ELSIE’s 2014 litter of puppies. Six puppies born September 16, 2014. If you would like to apply to obtain one of our Jacks, just drop us an email or call us and we can talk. Jack Russell Terriers are not for all but we love them and they love us.



10/26/1998 - 3/16/2012

My heart still aches in sadness,

and secret tears still flow,

what it meant to lose you,

no one will ever know.

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